[Food Review] IU’s jjambbong shop - 홍콩반점 0410 in Yeouido

"Do you happen to know jjajangmyeon? This is his friend kekekekekeke"

This 짬뽕 (jjambbong) shop was recommended by IU on various TV broadcasts. (* Note: It’s near the KBS Hall at Yeouido! Alight at 샛강역 and it’s just behind KBS Hall. Map

Upon entering the store, I was surprised as it was smaller than I had imagined. I was directed to a seat, while oppa went off to talk to another ahjumma. Later, I found out that you have to make your order before you’re seated (ohh~) It’s really cute that they provide you with these red aprons to wear so you can be like all *()(&slurpglomp)*&^ when you eat and still not stain your clothes ^__^ We sat where you see an ahjumma clearing the table in the picture below. As you can see, business is good during lunch hour!

I can’t eat spicy food actually, so I wholly intended to steal just a spoonful from oppa and let him finish the rest. He figured the same and decided to order a large portion of 탕수육 (sweet and sour pork) for me. Well when they say ‘large’ they really mean gigantic omg! The pork wasn’t too tough to chew and I love the sauce, but it was like one big heap which was never-ending.

Now for the highlight! The jjambbong itself!! It looks really spicy doesn’t it? It’s even more reddish in reality but the photo didn’t quite capture that redness. My first reaction was, “Omg 피처럼 (it looks like blood)!  ” XD I mean… really if you scroll up to look at the first picture. A lot of the Korean soups look like this I guess, BUT it’s really not as spicy as it looks. I liked it A LOT and wished we ordered a large portion of the jjambbong and a small portion of the sweet and sour pork instead! (No, the jjambbong only comes in one standard size)

The noodles are really soft and smooth! I didn’t mind eating all the veggies… don’t really like clams though. I tried one, it wasn’t too bad. But I still don’t like clams ^^ And there were a lot of clams. Was it clams or mussels even? Just googled it. Okay, I think it’s mussels. 

The prices are fairly reasonable, as they usually are at average Korean restaurants. Apparently there are more expensive ones too. So I asked, then what’s the difference? Do they use different or better ingredients? But I was told that there’s no difference, in fact, the average-priced ones like these taste better. LOL. Prices below are as of June 2012. Jjambbong at 5500 won and Sweet and sour pork at 9900 won (small) and 15000 won (large). 

This is how the storefront looks. It’s pretty easy to locate :) The sign saying IU recommended the store has been removed though :/  

Address : Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu Yeouido-dong 44-23 Hanam Building 2nd floor
(서울 영등포구 여의도동 44-23번지 하남빌딩 2층) 
Phone : 070-8267-0410
Homepage : http://www.zzambbong.com

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