[SUBS] IU’s 3rd anniversary message to her fans [2011.09.19]


From. IU | 3rd Anniversary | 11/09/18 | 07:56 PM

Red Passion | 19:56

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… it’s not (red passion) but a thick color!!
The picture looks suggestive… But please let it slide today..
22 of them were from my lips, 1 from my mom, 1 from my sibling
and 1 from my toes!*

*talking about the kiss marks that were on the letters that she made

Translation: -Hope @ WeHeartIU.com
Source: U-ana fancafe 

From. IU | 3rd Anniversary | 11/09/18 | 08:08 PM

The Moment I decided to prepare presents | 20:08

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The sparkling wreath sent from the Gallery
The subway advertisement from Ah-dot*!!
Along with that the music boxes and the necklace that almost made me cry
The rice cakes that the fan sent me without me knowing!!
etc… The reason I prepared the T-money cards is
after watching IU the transportation fee
needs to be taken care of by IU!!! Something like that….? kekekeke
I love you everyone and congratulations to you too <3

*IU’s Korean fansite whose 3rd anniversary gifts WeheartIU members helped to pay for
**”IU Gallery won’t harm IU” on the left side of the ribbon
"Baby Singer 3 year anniversary" on the right side of the ribbon

Translation: -Hope @ WeHeartIU.com
Source: U-ana fancafe 

IU’s 3rd Anniversary Video

'Touched' by IU personally giving gifts to fans on her 3-year anniversary [2011.09.18]

On the day of her 3rd year anniversary, IU touched her fans’ hearts by preparing a gift for them.

On the 18th IU celebrated her 3rd year anniversary. On September 18th 2008, she debuted through Mnet’s ‘MCountdown’.

IU, who is currently a MC for Inkigayo, stated ‘Today marks the 3rd year since I debuted’ as well as ‘I hope that I’m still an MC even 30 years after my debut’ during the broadcast.

The event that touched her fans’ hearts was that after ‘Inkigayo’ had ended, IU presented her fans with the gifts that she had personally prepared.

Through a phone call between enews and IU’s company, LOEN Entertainment, they revealed that ‘IU prepared 50 transportation cards for her 3rd year anniversary. Along with the prepaid transportation cards she had prepared a small present which she gave to her friend who was in charge of her fans.’

In addition, even though she did not have much time after filming ‘Inkigayo’ due to her schedule in the countryside, she still thanked her fans before leaving.

Although the presents weren’t worth much, seeing that she personally prepared the gifts touched her fans hearts.

Translated by: -Hope @ WeHeartIU.com
Edited by: TheFly @ WeHeartIU.com

Source: enews24 via Nate
Original article: http://news.nate.com…102&return_sq=1



happy shinee 3rd anniversary :))
always stay osm my boys♥


happy shinee 3rd anniversary :))

always stay osm my boys♥

110525 | Happy 3rd Anniversary, SHINee ☆
110525 | Happy 3rd Anniversary, SHINee ☆