[FANCAFE] 140918 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 2) - 12:48 AM


IU: It’s getting late. Everyone go and sleep. I’m going to bed now.


IU: Revealing all my photos -insert selca-


IU: Brave Charity


IU: Jeju island sketchbook


IU: MBC Sangam


IU: The day I wore the red shoes tee to bed.


IU: This morning


IU: Today’s breakfast.


IU: The fanmeeting title I proposed to the company that got rejected -inserts picture ‘IU’s Good Day’ with all the ㅇ s written as the number 6-


IU: This turned out well, but a photo that lacks individuality.


IU: Bbuggu in the laundry basket

IU: Something I eat when I’m bored.


IU: That’s all.


IU: Exit photo -inserts photo of her sticking her hand out to stop the curtains from closing at her small theatre concert-

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[FANCAFE] 140918 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 1) - 12:35 AM

Fan: Congratulations jingjjang!! Give us a tiny spoiler for the fanmeeting keke
IU: There’s going to be an important announcement.

Fan: I miss you!!
IU: I miss Yeji too.

Fan: Unni don’t feel sorry.. I’m even worse as I was busy studying and didn’t even apply on the fancafe (Note: for the fanmeeting tickets) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Have a good time at the fanmeeting!!!!
IU: Study hard and become someone great to promote IU! From a long-term perspective, you’re doing a good job!

Fan: Won’t there be phototime?ㅠㅠ
IU: You paid about 9180won to come (Note: Fans had to pay for the fanmeeting ticket), if I didn’t have a phototime, am I even being human?

Fan: What do you expect will be Uaenas’ reaction after you make the important announcement??
IU: !! -inserts picture-

Fan: I believe you’ll take care of those on the 2nd floor too (Note: The fanmeeting venue has two floors of audience.)
IU: Gosh!

Fan: Say something to poor me who will be sobbing while eating ricecake (meaning checking for updates) 9 hours from now…
IU: Of course you should have omegi ricecake! (Note: wordplay)

Fan: Noona, I’m the final 400th fan to be chosen ㅠㅠㅠ
IU: I know you’re the 350th though!! (Note: 50 fans were added afterwards as some didn’t pay up for their tickets.)

Fan: What’s the meaning of 9180 won? Is it because of Sept 18th?
IU: … Yepyep

Fan: Since it’s your 6th anniversary, here’s a question!! In the 6 years that you’ve performed on stage, singing which song gave you the most strength??
IU: When I sing “Child Searching For a Star” and hear Kim Kwangjin’s part, I gain the strength of a tiger.

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[FANCAFE] 140918 From.IU - Six years old~~ - 12:32 AM


We’re 6 years old now~~~~keke
Ah it’s here again. September 18th! In the past year, we’ve worked hard so let’s celebrate among ourselves~~~hollollollo
Umm usually on one’s birthday, the number for the date looks bigger compared to the other days on the calendar, but Sept 18th is becoming another familiar date like May 16th. I have two birthdays!! keke Ah I’m in a good mood. We’ve depended on one another for the past 6 years (Some people joined us along the way, but I’m just going to type it as 6 years). Ah 6 is such a solid number. If the number 6 already feels this way, then 7, 8, 9 would be really solid~ I feel at ease.
Ah today I felt really~ at ease! I hope our Uaena will feel that way too! I’ll do a good job at the fanmeeting to keep up this mood. I’m sorry we could only allow so few fans to participate, but this won’t be our last fanmeeting! I haven’t seen you guys in awhile, so I’ll toss these concerns to the back of my head for a moment and have a good time at the fanmeeting! I released many songs this year, but I haven’t really had a chance to really sit down together with my fans, which I felt was a pity. I really missed you guys! So I’m really excited right now! Full of energy ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! keke Whether you’re coming for the fanmeeting or not, since we’re all Uaena, thinking of yourself as being here in spirit ㅠㅠ  I’ll create another opportunity for us to meet again soon. I’m grateful for simply the existence of our Uaena! I’ll stop by often today, so let’s chat a lot? For now, good night everyone ^_______^

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[FANCAFE] 140831 From.IU - Today’s Uaenas at Gimpo Airport.jpg (12:22 PM KST)
[Preview][Bangbaedong baby chick]
140831 uaena preview.jpg

[FANCAFE] 140831 From.IU - Today’s Uaenas at Gimpo Airport.jpg (12:22 PM KST)

[Bangbaedong baby chick]

140831 uaena preview.jpg

[FANACCOUNT] 140824 Someday in August

Today’s concert ㅠㅠ Why did we forget to buy ponchos lol. It started drizzling even before the concert so I wore oppa’s windbreaker.

IU came out prepared for the rain with a nice big black hat (David’s hat? keke). She said that she heard it started raining, but was glad that it stopped. (Everyone was like no it hasn’t stopped!) And she went.. Oh hmm because I’m sheltered, I don’t feel the rain. After Meaning of You, she came out to the protruding stage to join us in the rain keke.. After the song, she said this much rain is fine though! (LOL she was actually hoping it would rain.. Would match the Raindrop song I guess ^^)

I’m quite sure the rain started becoming heavier when she started singing Raindrop lol. The autographed poster and album went to a US fan from Pennsylvania. She really looks caucasian so I guess IU had to believe her. (Why don’t I look like a foreigner?? Why???)

When she said the next song would be her last song, everyone went eiiiii~~~ and she was like what’s with the eiii? Are you saying I’m lying? Cos she’s well-known for singing a lot of songs for encore keke.

She really likes the part that the fans go “IU chamchotda! (IU is really great!)” in You and I so she actually sang that section again after the song ended, just to hear us do the IU chamchotda! again lolll.

She sang the same songs except for the last encore because she said she was deciding between The Story Only I Didn’t Know and Child Searching for a Star. Both are about people going through difficult times haha.. Anyway, she sang the latter in the end.

She also commented that her mum came for the concert yesterday and really liked Vibe’s performance loll. They really know how to have fun I guess. Audience interaction daebak.

Then she told the audience to come for her next solo concert. IU fans immediately asked her when??? And she said it would be difficult to have one within this year. New album within this year most probably cannot either. But she’s preparing for her new album so perhaps next year. We know how her release dates are always postponed by a few months anyway so should be used to it by now >.

[FANACCOUNT] 140823 Someday in August concert - IU

Haha vibe is still singing and I don’t really know their songs so I’ll just listen while I type this fanaccount. Resisting the urge to just leave.. Bought the concert ticket for both IU and Vibe after all.

Waiting for IU to arrive at the concert venue was much fail because we waited about 5 hours and when she finally came, they placed a barrier so we could only watch her from afar ㅠㅠ

Then we listened to her rehearsal so we kinda already knew all the songs she was going to sing lol. She started the show with Meaning of You! My favourite song~ This time she really came out to the protruding stage a lot! (Because she said there were rumours that she didn’t do so lol.) She got all of us to join in and sing the male part of Friday as usual which was wonderful haha! Funny how she introduced My Old Story as the less well-known title song (compared to the popularity that Meaning of You received).

There was an event in the middle and she asked who’s the oldest here.. after that she changed her mind and asked who came from the furthest place. Someone said Jeju-do! So I told IU I was from Singapore!! Haha Annie also told IU she’s from Singapore! But someone who apparently was from New York beat us (although I bet that guy just stayed in New York for awhile and didn’t fly here just to watch IU perform lol). He won a signed poster and CD. Oh well the main point is IU looked at me~~!! Kekeke

She mentioned the ice bucket challenge she did yesterday and said that she didn’t catch a cold or anything but she had body aches after that lolll. Told us to take care and not to catch a cold as usual. Tears on guitar was awesome omg. Totally wasn’t expecting such a repertoire for a concert she was just sharing with someone else. You Know (Hey!) was a really fun song as usual. However, although we were really near to the stage at the end of the protruding stage, we saw more of IU’s side profile than front. The seats right in front or the protruding stage would have been amazing. IU doing the little buttshake dance in Friday right in front of you omgg.

She was really sweating after The Red Shoes, You Know, Good Day and the You and I encore one after another and said that she’s never sweated so much from performing before haha.. But she still ended with another encore song, The Story Only I Didn’t Know ㅠㅠㅠ Ah she did the 3-level high note concert style, after getting the audience to “sing it for her”, she did it properly by herself :) Of course, she even gave us a very short phototime and did cute expressions for everyone. Haha many IU fans left the moment IU’s part was over but let’s be well-behaved audience and support Vibe too! Apprently they’ve been popular for awhile. Dunno.. not my style of music. Too much jumping around and shouting. Watching again tomorrow! Will try to recall interesting bits to share with everyone after that!

Meaning of you
My Old Story
When love passes
A midsummer night’s dream
Hidden Road
The red shoes
You Know
Good Day
You and I (encore)
The story only I didnt know (encore)


20140809 KCON 2014 - Audience with IU

cr: SandisonWong

[FANCAFE] 140816 IU replies to fans’ comments - 1:52 AM

Fan: Who is this? -inserts photo of IU at Tom N Toms-
IU: Omo it’s me!

Fan: Was ‘Begin Again’ better than ‘Her’??
IU: Nope!!

Fan: Did you go for the SM Concert today??
IU: Nope!

Fan: I listened to your cover of Two Months’ Number One today, but it sounds like a totally different song?? keke
IU: Totally!energetic!expression! (??)

Fan: You’re not going to sleep until late~~~ into the night today too?
IU: My days and nights have switched nowadays.. I’ll sleep early starting today! But it’s already 2am!

Fan: I bet my whole fortune that IU won’t come out again.
IU: I won a bet again everyone!!!

Fan: I bet a whole chicken that she’s really gone to bed.
IU: Oowhoaaa I won twice in a day!!

Fan: Unni, it’ll be your 6th anniv soon!!!
IU: Yep, looking forward to it!!

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[FANCAFE] 140813 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 3) - 3:50 AM

Fan: I should keep sending love messages to unni right..
IU: You should make my body look small or with unrealistic proportions right. This somehow looks like the real me. Rejected.

Fan: Cheese Quattro? I don’t really like it! Ehh~~
IU: Rejected.

Fan: kekeke How about this? -insert teehee pic-
IU: Jinx with nebeolyeo below (Note: Both of them posted the same pic).

Fan: This one!!!?? (ps. Downloaded this somewhere)

Fan: Do you not like this kind of pictures?? I made it with a selca of yours once. -inserts platypus derpyU-
IU: Banning your account.

Fan: I drew this by myself!! Let me pass >< -insert pic with caption: You grow beans, be happily in love with me~ (wordplay with similar sounding words)-

Fan: Jingjjang, why are there press marks on your arm? keke
IU: Because I pressed it >.<

Fan: Isn’t this sort of stuff the best?
IU: kekeke Keeping this.

Fan: This pic is popular among my friends (whisper whisper) -inserts pic with caption: nyahahahahaha-
IU: Warning your friends.

IU: Off to work

IU: Transformation

IU: I’ve got to go to bed now!! Let’s sleep now, everyone. We have to sleep to play again right~ Goodnight. Thank you for playing with me again today. Sweet dreams!! I’ll let you know later whether the movie I’m watching is any good~ Bye~~

IU: Taking my leave -insert small concert theatre pic-

Fan: I went to watch ‘Begin Again’.. What did you watch?
IU: Oh~~~~~ You passed~~~~~~

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[FANCAFE] 140813 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 2) - 3:39 AM


Fan: Unni have you seen this yet? kekekekeke
IU: kekekekeke Oh this is awesome. Make a panda version too!!


Fan: Jingjjang, you should go to bed now or you won’t be able to grow taller..
IU: Are you sure sleeping now makes me grow taller?


Fan: Unni… Her… You recommended that movie, so I wanted to watch it!!! But I can’t.. ., because of the movie ratings…. Could you recommend a healthy(?) show keke that teenagers can watch too?!
IU: ‘The Witch of the West is Dead’.


Fan: Is it really okay for me to keep you? -inserts pic with caption: take me with you-
IU: I like this series -inserts pic with caption: I love you-


Fan: Oh!! I’m reading 일진의 크기 (webtoon) too!! ㅜㅜ Tell Jangshin to grow up quickly (frustrated).
IU: Jangshin is throbbing and growing back now.
IU: Jangshin, hurry up and grow taller!!!


Fan: If you like that series, then take the one I made too. -inserts pic with caption: But you have me-
IU: Hmm.. Rejected!


Fan: What was the most enjoyable thing you did in the US?
IU: Impulsive wiggling.


Fan: Jingjjang, besides songs, movies and webtoons, please recommend some food keke
IU: Cheese Quattro Burger!


Fan: Is she rejected too ㅠㅠ? Feeling hurt. -inserts pic with caption: These are artificial flowers. I like you. (same sounding words)-
IU: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Become stronger. Rejected!!


Fan: How about this? -insert pic with caption: I thought you’re mine-
IU: Forcing your way. Rejected!


Fan: Isn’t this cute? -inserts pic with caption: Bunny - It’s really fun to paint easter eggs. Chick - That’s my younger sibiling.-
IU: Doesn’t have my face in it. Rejected!!

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