[ENG SUB] 131025 KBS Music Bank - Waiting Room - Nominees for 1st place - IU & SHINee

If we win, we will dance to Red Shoes while singing Everybody

[VIDEO] 131025 KBS Music Bank Ending - IU & SHINee fighting for the microphone


[TRANSLATION] 131023 MBC Show Champion - Show Champion TV - IU cut

Minho: You’ve been waiting for a long time, right? SHINee TV!
Key: Stop right there and come back now.
Jonghyun: How many episodes are there in a day?
[TEXT] -3rd episode- I’m a congratulatory fairy.
Minho: In 3rd place this week is “A Guy like Me”
[TEXT] *Full of expression*
Minho: In 1st place this week is IU’s “The Red Shoes”!
Taemin: Bam bam bam~
Minho: Summertime~!
[TEXT] Taemin is a dancing puppet…?
[TEXT] *The real IU appears!*
Minho: LOEN TV, IU!
[TEXT] *Congrats*
Jonhyun: Wah!!
IU: I won 1st place!
IU: Next week, will it be SHINee’s turn?
[TEXT] *Surprised*
Minho: We’ll just appear on SHINee TV.
Voice: After she made her comeback, IU won ‘Champion Song’ last week!

The rest is the same as the Show Champion BTS (subbed) from last week.

[VIDEO] 131017 M Countdown Introducing Rankings - IU cut (11th SHINee ‘Everybody’)

SHINee Jonghyun, what’s the reason your depression clock song is higher in rankings than my original composition?


IU - Juliette (by Shinee)

Finally a longer version AND a version with no screaming fans. I wish she would perform this cover more often. 

081009 IU’s first Mnet countdown + TVXQ’s Mirotic + SHINee’s Love Like Oxygen

SONG: UnknownGee+Juliette+Hello
ARTIST: UnknownTaemin & IU
ALBUM: Unknown
PLAYED: 6963 times

120428 Taemin and IU Duet – Gee, Juliette and Hello
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Minho: Up you go Taeminie— aigoo! You got heavier.


Minho: Up you go Taeminie— aigoo! You got heavier.