[FANACCOUNT] 131124 IU Modern Times Concert


(Sorry keke haven’t really looked through my photos properly yet)

Omgg!! The concert that had made me cry and laugh the most times so far. It’s absolutely amazing how she managed to do all these amidst her filming schedules late into the night almost everyday.

As usual before every concert is lots of queuing.. First time queuing in winter for me though. Hands were all frozen :/ I love going for IU concerts because I get to meet lots of other IU fans from around the world too keke. First of all, passed the present from Singapore IU fans to the staff to give IU! Mission success! Secondly, paid jamjam for the last 8 calendars, so 24 IUdotcom calendars will be arriving at my doorstep soon lol.. Thirdly, brought the Chinese IU fans down to Mexicana.. We bought enough chicken to get 10 mexicana calendars from them LOL. Couldn’t finish all that chicken but it was pretty delicious.

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2013 IU Modern Times Solo Concert Merchandise

1) Lightstick (15,000 won)


2) Photobook (20,000 won) - 44 pages containing photos from IU’s promotions


3) Snapback cap (25,000 won)


- Enclosed is also a card with an IU photo and individual number inscribed on it. 
- Quantity for caps is more limited than the rest and might run out of stock earlier.

Available at the booth at concert venue on 23rd and 24th from 3pm. Payment by card or cash in krw. Limited quantities available per day.

Translated by squishy with love

Performances that I want to watch during IU’s concert (just my own wishful thinking)

  • Windflower (Queen Seon Duk OST)
  • Depression Clock (duet with Jonghyun)
  • One Minute One Second (full acoustic version)
  • Acoustic medley of other original compositions (Dreaming, Peach, Uaena Song, Bad Day, Voice Mail)
  • Beautiful Song (duet with Jo Jungsuk)
  • I’m in Love (originally sung by Ra.D)
  • Forgotten Season (originally sung by Lee Yong)
  • Beautiful Dancer (MV choreography, with History Song Kyung-il)
  • Good Day, You and I, The Red Shoes as a mini-musical (?) with a full orchestra
  • 'Flying' up to get closer to the audience on the upper levels


[SCANS] REAL FANTASY 2012 Special DVD Photobook

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120917 【アイユー】IU - 愛してる(「夏目友人帳」より)