Finished TLs for Kiss & Cry ep 4~

Sleep~ need sleep~ can’t wait for this ep to be subbed! ^^

Kiss and Cry Ep 4 undisclosed footage - Suh Ji Suk

(starts at 5:29) After watching Suh Ji Suk and his partner’s performance, the MCs asked ‘rival’ IU for her opinion and IU replied, “It was c-cool… Seems like it’ll be a close fight.”

Kiss and Cry ep 4: the behind story

IU: “Coach-nim! Coach-nim! Do you know what time it is now?!” x 100

Training starts:

Omg my legs are dying… gets up again to train:

Stalking the enemy:

"omg! so pro!"

Okay, let’s give it a try! Omg ow oww owww…

Hey hey! you you! -BISH-

Successfully doing the spiral during training!

Continuing to practise while getting makeup done:

Alright, fighting!

Credit: kpopcongifs, squishyblob