[FANCAM] 140921 Melody Forest Camp concert - IU - I’ll be by Your Side Forever + Drama (by zlzl0709)

[Phonecam] 140615 IU Arriving at Gimpo Airport (by squishy)

[FANCAM] 140601 IU Small Theatre Concert - Phototime (by squishy)

[FANCAM] 140323 IU speaking Chinese & Cantonese - 아이유 IU Modern Times Showcase In Hong Kong

Hello everyone, I’m IU. Thank you for coming for my Hong Kong showcase. Previously when I came to Hong Kong, everyone gave me a warm welcome, which left a deep impression on me. I would like to greet everyone in Cantonese. I prepared some Cantonese. “Hello everyone, I’m IU. keke Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming for my Hong Kong showcase. I love you guys. I love Hong Kong! Thank you~”

I was an MC on a music program for over 2 years. The best part was that I got to watch up close when others performed. So after I did my MC parts, while waiting at the side, I danced along with them and had lots of fun. I didn’t even realise how quickly time went by.

- IU (MBC Yesterday)



[FANCAM] 131229 Suzy went to IU when they were getting ready to sing You’re Miracle song at 0.25 sec. I love their interaction. IUZY ~ 

But what really made me happy that Wooyoung just standing next to Suzy while they’re watching the final part of the parody. Though they didn’t talk, it’s okay by me…. Woozy~ 

You can see Ailee talked to Jun. K too and Jun. K talked Yonghwa. Good!!!! ^0^

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[FANCAM] IU - Modern Times Concert - Wind Flower

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[FANCAM] 131224 Psy’s Concert - IU - Good Day 

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