[FANCAM] 131224 Psy’s Concert - IU - Good Day 

cr :태귀

[FANCAM] 131124 아이유 IU with Hidden Singer contestants - 좋은 날 Good Day (by squishy)

[VIDEO] IU 아이유 - 좋은 날 (Good Day) Fanchant

Fanchant text

If video looks big and scary to you, open video in new tab or download the video.

[FANCAM] 131008 KBS YHY Sketchbook - IU - Good Day (with 3 level high note, not showed during broadcast) by jamjam

Leaving after sketchbook

[FANCAM] 131013 Seoul Multicultural Festival - IU - Good Day (by Sangmi)

[FANCAM] 130817 Geeks Concert - IU - Officially Missing You (by Bercali)

Good Day

[FANCAM] 130817 Geeks Concert - IU - You and I (by mitchell_0914)

Good Day