[TRANSLATION] 140410 Jonghyun’s Blue Night radio - IU mention

Guest: You’ve composed a lot of songs. With IU the other time too.
Jonghyun: That’s right.
Guest: I have a question for you since you’ve composed with IU before.
Jonghyun: Yep. kekeke I feel like I’ve become the guest now.
Guest: What kind of food does she like?
Jonghyun: You mean IU?
Guest: What does IU like to eat?
Jonghyun: Everything.
Guest: Everything?
Jonghyun: She likes anything that tastes good.
Guest: I see.
Jonghyun: Well no one would turn down food that tastes good.
Guest: Yeah, isn’t it?
Jonghyun: IU really likes to take photos of food.
Guest: Ah she takes photos of the stuff she eats?
Jonghyun: If there’s tasty food, she takes photos of it so close that you can’t see the plate.
Guest: Ah, so she takes food photos.
Jonghyun: That’s right. Yes, she really likes taking photos of food.
Guest: That’s not my style.
Jonghyun: kekeke ah you don’t like taking photos of food?
Guest: Well, once the food appears, you have to eat it right away. Before it turns cold. Yes, IU, in order to stay healthy.

Translation by squishy with love