[TRANSLATION] 140410 Jonghyun’s Blue Night radio - IU mention

Guest: You’ve composed a lot of songs. With IU the other time too.
Jonghyun: That’s right.
Guest: I have a question for you since you’ve composed with IU before.
Jonghyun: Yep. kekeke I feel like I’ve become the guest now.
Guest: What kind of food does she like?
Jonghyun: You mean IU?
Guest: What does IU like to eat?
Jonghyun: Everything.
Guest: Everything?
Jonghyun: She likes anything that tastes good.
Guest: I see.
Jonghyun: Well no one would turn down food that tastes good.
Guest: Yeah, isn’t it?
Jonghyun: IU really likes to take photos of food.
Guest: Ah she takes photos of the stuff she eats?
Jonghyun: If there’s tasty food, she takes photos of it so close that you can’t see the plate.
Guest: Ah, so she takes food photos.
Jonghyun: That’s right. Yes, she really likes taking photos of food.
Guest: That’s not my style.
Jonghyun: kekeke ah you don’t like taking photos of food?
Guest: Well, once the food appears, you have to eat it right away. Before it turns cold. Yes, IU, in order to stay healthy.

Translation by squishy with love

IU wanted me to listen to Jonghyun’s song (Depression Clock), but to be honest I was kind of worried. She insisted that I put in on the album though, so what could I do (laughs). So I tried listening to it and was taken aback. The emotions of IU’s generation were weaved in well. So I said as long as Jonghyun is fine with it, let’s put it in.
— Cho Youngcheol PD (in an interview with Osen)

SONG: Unknown우울시계 (short clip)
ARTIST: Unknowniu + jonghyun
ALBUM: Unknown131025 - music bank
PLAYED: 1059 times

131025 - iu and jonghyun singing a short clip of 우울시계 (gloomy clock) backstage at music bank

[VIDEO] 131017 M Countdown Introducing Rankings - IU cut (11th SHINee ‘Everybody’)

SHINee Jonghyun, what’s the reason your depression clock song is higher in rankings than my original composition?


Jonghyun & IU | I see the change in my reflection as my heart becomes yours.

I woke up today thinking it would be just like any other day, we have a new employee at the café today… “Jieun, i’m going away for a couple of days, so you will have to train him” my boss told me the day before yesterday, “great another inept person whose goals are only to earn a little money until they can changes jobs” i thought.
When i finally arrived at my workplace i found him already inside and cleaning, but i tried not to think too much of it “they’re all like this at first”. I did as my boss told me and taught him everything he had to know, to my surprise as the hours passed, this kid had the same energy since this morning, he had initiative to learn more than what was needed, and even offered to do my job, he was always very charismatic and energetic… that’s when i realized, he had the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen…

dumb and dumber

jinki: do you know how to spin a pen?

jjong: yeah it’s easy, like this

jinki: please, that’s nothing

jinki: in your face ^▽^