[SUBS] SBS Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry E08 - IU cut & Undisclosed Footage [2011.07.10] 


[SCHEDULE] IU to appear on Kim Yuna’s Special Documentary on 4th Sept @ 11:10 PM KST

(IU appears at 0:11 saying Kim Yuna is a wonder woman)

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IU and Suh Jisuk participate in final recording for ‘Kiss & Cry’ [2011.08.10]

The final recording of SBS ‘Kiss and Cry’ brought the eliminated contestants back on the show.

According to ‘Kiss & Cry’ PD, Kim Jaehyuk, “During the final recording held on Aug 9th, we invited the eliminated contestants back again on stage to congratulate and encourage them.”

Yunho and Park Jungeum who could not attend due to clashes in their schedules. 

However, the rest including IU, Suh Jisuk, Lee Ah-hyun and Jin Jihee, were all seated among the audience to watch the grand final contest of the big 4, to cheer them on and enjoy the show together.”

The winner from the show will be participating in Kim Yuna’s Ice Show from Aug 13th to 15th.

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Newsen, Startoday via Nate
Original articles: here, here

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