To sum it up in a phrase, it’s like sweet dark sugar. I’ve always thought my voice was like sweet and sour junk food. But I think with this album, it’s becoming even sweeter. Kind of like a witch? The album jacket photos were shot in black and white, and I changed my hair colour, so I think that feeling is stronger now. Upon hearing my words, my close friend, Yoo Inna, went, “Ya! Who likes a witch?” (laughs) If I were to pick a favourite song, it would be “Bad Day”. It’s my original composition with a ballad feel, so it would be good for you to listen to it until your ears get tired of the song. Be sure to listen to it.
— IU, on her new album, ‘Modern Times’ (InStyle Magazine, November 2013)

IU, who looked like a small kitten.

IU, who looked like a small kitten.

It’s a secret, but I think I’ll cut my hair soon. Actually, when I first debuted, I had short hair. Those who miss that image of me will probably like it, right?
— IU (InStyle Magazine, Nov 2013 issue)


[EDITS] IU CanCam Japan Magazine July Issue No. 32

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