120719 Mezamashi live (7/17) - IU - Loving You cut

120719 Mezamashi live (7/17) - IU - Shounen Jidai/Boys Generation cut

"Yes, Inoue Yosui’s Shounen Jidai… it’s a remake song. Yes, thank you. Ah, it’s an old song, so the lyrics are really difficult. So since my Japanese still isn’t perfect yet, I can’t understand everything, but as I sing the song, I find the song really beautiful. The lyrics are beautiful right? ~Yes~ Do you know it all? ~Yes~ Ah, those in front don’t seem to know it well. So today, I’ll be performing it live for the first time. I’m feeling slightly nervous, but yes! Fighting! Yes, please listen to ‘Shounen Jidai’."

Last week, I… My new single will be released in Korea next week. So do you guys know Jeju island? Yes, there’s a place in Korea called Jeju island and last week, I went there to shoot my PV (MV). It was real~ly hot, but on that day, it rained a lot, so I was quite glad for that, since I really like rain.. Do you guys like the rain? Ah… there’s not much response, guess you guys don’t like it much. Since I like rain, I was really happy that day. Of course, the staff and everyone was feeling down, but I really liked it.
— IU announcing during Mezamashi Live (on 7/17) that her new Korean single will be released next week

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