[TRANSLATION] 131010 Mnet Countdown Comeback Stage Rehearsal BTS (starts at 2:10) 

0215 PD: You put on red shoes?
0217 IU: Yes~ I put on red shoes. Because the concept for my album this time is red shoes.
0221 IU: It’s my first comeback stage, but I’ll do a good job!
0225 IU: I even put on contact lens and applied heavy makeup… I’ll do a good job and be right back~
0236 IU: My title track is ‘The Red Shoes’ this time. It’s an exciting swing dance track that uses Hans Andersen’s ‘The Red Shoes’ as a motif. There’s a dance too and upon putting on my red shoes, my body goes out of control and pulls me into a dance. I practised the dance choreography a lot. Today is my comeback stage and I should do it well, but could I be making dark history (meaning something one wants to forget or pretend never happened)…
0323 IU: In a moment, at 6pm, IU’s comeback stage will be revealed for the first time! Stay tuned!

Translated by squishy with love~

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