[TRANSLATION] 140627 KBS Music Bank - IU & Kim Changwan waiting room interview

MCs: We’re the MCs for Music Bank, Park Seojoon and Bora
PSJ: In our waiting room today, we have two people who cross generations.
MCs: Hello!
IU: Hello, I’m IU. Nice to meet you.
KCW: Hello, I’m Kim Changwan. 
Bora: Kim Changwan sunbaenim, it’s your first time appearing on Music Bank, so how are you feeling?
KCW: I feel like I forgot it’s my daughter’s birthday and opened the door to a surprise prepared by her friends.
PSJ: How about you, IU? It must have been quite a fresh experience for you, working together with a senior sunbaenim. What was it like?
IU: When I first saw sunbaenim, I was still wearing my school uniform.
IU: Now as time has passed by, I’ve become a sunbae myself and I’m doing music with sunbaenim, 
IU: and we can even go for drinks together, so it was a really special experience for me.
Bora: The song that both of you will be singing together is ‘Meaning of You’ right? So what is the meaning of Kim Changwan sunbaenim to you?
IU: To me, he represents youthhood itself.
PSJ: Youthhood.
KCW: To me, IU is the future.
PSJ: Youthhood and the future. Coming up next soon, we’ll hear a sincere song brought to you by IU and Kim Changwan.
KCW: Please…
Everyone: stay tuned!

Translated by squishy with love


[ENG SUB] 131025 KBS Music Bank - Waiting Room - Nominees for 1st place - IU & SHINee

If we win, we will dance to Red Shoes while singing Everybody

SONG: Unknown우울시계 (short clip)
ARTIST: Unknowniu + jonghyun
ALBUM: Unknown131025 - music bank
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131025 - iu and jonghyun singing a short clip of 우울시계 (gloomy clock) backstage at music bank