[ENG SUB] 131118 KBS Pretty Man Press Conference cut

fanart by 宅在水里的喵, design by squishy for IU daum starzone Pretty Man press con fansupport

131118 KBS2 Pretty Man Press Conference IU Fancam (by 스피넬)

131118 Pretty Man Press Conference - IU - On singing and acting

(Regarding idol singers taking on acting roles) “Many of them are still young and there are lots of things they want to try doing. If the opportunity arises, it’s something joyful. To receive such an opportunity, there’s a determination to work harder than others to deserve it too.”

'I was active as a singer too before I received proposals, but I've found acting to be really fun. I seem to be able to relieve my feelings of burden and stress that I get during my singing activities too.”

Translated by squishy with love