[FANCAFE] 140816 IU replies to fans’ comments - 1:52 AM

Fan: Who is this? -inserts photo of IU at Tom N Toms-
IU: Omo it’s me!

Fan: Was ‘Begin Again’ better than ‘Her’??
IU: Nope!!

Fan: Did you go for the SM Concert today??
IU: Nope!

Fan: I listened to your cover of Two Months’ Number One today, but it sounds like a totally different song?? keke
IU: Totally!energetic!expression! (??)

Fan: You’re not going to sleep until late~~~ into the night today too?
IU: My days and nights have switched nowadays.. I’ll sleep early starting today! But it’s already 2am!

Fan: I bet my whole fortune that IU won’t come out again.
IU: I won a bet again everyone!!!

Fan: I bet a whole chicken that she’s really gone to bed.
IU: Oowhoaaa I won twice in a day!!

Fan: Unni, it’ll be your 6th anniv soon!!!
IU: Yep, looking forward to it!!

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[FANCAFE] 140813 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 3) - 3:50 AM

Fan: I should keep sending love messages to unni right..
IU: You should make my body look small or with unrealistic proportions right. This somehow looks like the real me. Rejected.

Fan: Cheese Quattro? I don’t really like it! Ehh~~
IU: Rejected.

Fan: kekeke How about this? -insert teehee pic-
IU: Jinx with nebeolyeo below (Note: Both of them posted the same pic).

Fan: This one!!!?? (ps. Downloaded this somewhere)

Fan: Do you not like this kind of pictures?? I made it with a selca of yours once. -inserts platypus derpyU-
IU: Banning your account.

Fan: I drew this by myself!! Let me pass >< -insert pic with caption: You grow beans, be happily in love with me~ (wordplay with similar sounding words)-

Fan: Jingjjang, why are there press marks on your arm? keke
IU: Because I pressed it >.<

Fan: Isn’t this sort of stuff the best?
IU: kekeke Keeping this.

Fan: This pic is popular among my friends (whisper whisper) -inserts pic with caption: nyahahahahaha-
IU: Warning your friends.

IU: Off to work

IU: Transformation

IU: I’ve got to go to bed now!! Let’s sleep now, everyone. We have to sleep to play again right~ Goodnight. Thank you for playing with me again today. Sweet dreams!! I’ll let you know later whether the movie I’m watching is any good~ Bye~~

IU: Taking my leave -insert small concert theatre pic-

Fan: I went to watch ‘Begin Again’.. What did you watch?
IU: Oh~~~~~ You passed~~~~~~

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[FANCAFE] 140813 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 2) - 3:39 AM


Fan: Unni have you seen this yet? kekekekeke
IU: kekekekeke Oh this is awesome. Make a panda version too!!


Fan: Jingjjang, you should go to bed now or you won’t be able to grow taller..
IU: Are you sure sleeping now makes me grow taller?


Fan: Unni… Her… You recommended that movie, so I wanted to watch it!!! But I can’t.. ., because of the movie ratings…. Could you recommend a healthy(?) show keke that teenagers can watch too?!
IU: ‘The Witch of the West is Dead’.


Fan: Is it really okay for me to keep you? -inserts pic with caption: take me with you-
IU: I like this series -inserts pic with caption: I love you-


Fan: Oh!! I’m reading 일진의 크기 (webtoon) too!! ㅜㅜ Tell Jangshin to grow up quickly (frustrated).
IU: Jangshin is throbbing and growing back now.
IU: Jangshin, hurry up and grow taller!!!


Fan: If you like that series, then take the one I made too. -inserts pic with caption: But you have me-
IU: Hmm.. Rejected!


Fan: What was the most enjoyable thing you did in the US?
IU: Impulsive wiggling.


Fan: Jingjjang, besides songs, movies and webtoons, please recommend some food keke
IU: Cheese Quattro Burger!


Fan: Is she rejected too ㅠㅠ? Feeling hurt. -inserts pic with caption: These are artificial flowers. I like you. (same sounding words)-
IU: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Become stronger. Rejected!!


Fan: How about this? -insert pic with caption: I thought you’re mine-
IU: Forcing your way. Rejected!


Fan: Isn’t this cute? -inserts pic with caption: Bunny - It’s really fun to paint easter eggs. Chick - That’s my younger sibiling.-
IU: Doesn’t have my face in it. Rejected!!

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[FANCAFE] 140813 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 1) - 3:10 AM


Fan: I’m already having so much fun that I’ve completely lost it.. Help me gain control of the situation please ㅠㅠ
IU: Do that in September!! Let’s play in August!’


Fan: Jieun-jjang, do your school holidays start today? keke
IU: Nope. I have school holidays every single day in 2014. When did I ever stay up late to do work..? (Note: IU is joking here. Celebrities often have to film for long hours past midnight.)


Fan: What are you planning to do today? hehe
IU: Today is the release date of the movie I want to watch! (Note: The movie she watched was ‘Begin Again’.)


Fan: It’s expected that your next album could be released at the end of this year~~~ What’s your schedule like??
IU: I don’t think it’ll be possible to release a full-length album within this year.


Fan: Did you leave without trying the In-N-Out burger?..
IU: Yes.. In the end..


Fan: But then why did you come back to Korea right after KCON? If you go to LA, you should have lots of fun before you come back..
IU: Coming home to rest after work is the best..keke


Fan: I’m doing a movie classics project(?) over the school holidays. Do you have any movie recommendations? (trump card)
IU: Try watching animations! Starting with ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’.


Fan: I’m so depressed that the Flower Bookmark LP keeps getting postponedㅜㅜ I really want to listen to it~~
IU: I haven’t managed to have a look at it either myself..ㅜ-ㅜ


Fan: When you were dueting ‘Friday’ with Niel and got into the rhythm, was that planned or unplanned? (Note: IU’s butt shake fancam)
IU: Yes, sorry for shocking everyone. It was so shock-inducing that I’m sorry towards my own heart too..


Fan: Besides ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’, is there anything else worth watching???
IU: Ponyo? Howl? Up? Arrietty? Timon and Pumbaa?


Fan: Do you read webtoons? Please recommend some~~
IU: I’ve been reading ‘심연의 하늘 (The Abyssal Sky)’ and ‘일진의 크기 (The Height of the School Bully)’ recently.

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[FANCAFE] 140723 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 3) - 9:48 AM

Fan: Unni, do you know what this is??? On the instiz chatroom, the IU fans call this a sungie (boksunga (peach) it’s a boksunga!!) So this is the sungmu look keke the fans in the chatroom wanted me to let you know!! -inserts peach emoticon photo-
IU: Ah it’s super adorable.

Fan: Please recommend a movie for us!! I’m bored ㅜㅜ
IU: It’s not a movie, but I recommend ‘Modern Family’ (Note: Some American TV show)

Fan: What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour at Bella (Note: Short for ‘Baeseukin Laabbinseu (Baskin Robbins)’)??? Mine is ‘Mum is an alien’!! That’s the only flavour I eat keke
IU: Mint choc

Fan: Noona, I’m supposed to go exercise, but I don’t feel like getting out of bed.. Tell me I should go exercise keke..;;
IU: I don’t feel like going either……

Fan: Is there a song you’re listening to a lot recently? Tell us what it is!!!
IU: Yeah -inserts photo of Paul Weller’s ‘Wild Wood’-

Fan: Noona, help me decide which high school to go to ㅠㅠ Minsa High or HuiMun High?
IU: Dongdeok Girl’s High (Note: The fan is male, but IU is recommending the high school she attended, which is for girls.)

Fan: Ah… Protein shake… Tastes really horrible…….. I’m on a diet… but it tastes really horrible, so I’m having a hard time..ㅠㅠ Miss Jieun, how did you drink it??ㅠㅠㅠ
IU: If you search carefully, there are many really yummy ones too. Oreo flavour.. chocolate flavour, banana flavour are all really delicious.

Fan: Don’t make your female fans les…. Stop being so pretty ㅠㅠ -inserts screencap of two female fans fighting over IU-
IU: Orangejiji lost (Note: Nickname of the other female fan).

Fan: Even though I only eat two meals a day, I keep feeling really full, what should I do…ㅜㅜ
IU: You should be thankful.

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[FANCAFE] 140723 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 2) - 1:28 AM

Fan: What kind of concert will the Someday concert be like?
IU: I don’t think there’ll be any combined stage. I’ll probably take the stage for an hour and sunbaenims will take the other hour.

Fan: Unni, did you enjoy watching Shin CEO-nim’s musical~?
IU: Yes~ He looked really cool. Indeed, our CEO!

Fan: Summer fruits! Plum vs Peach
IU: Of course it’s the latter.

Fan: What’s the most delicious thing you had recently?? It was green tea ice flakes for me.
IU: Sojukdoo.

Fan: Did the drama in the second half of the year get postponed?
IU: That will be confirmed within this week as well!

Fan: I heard you were taking lots of photos at god’s concert, how did your photos turn out?
IU: What is this…. -inserts god concert fanphoto-


Fan: Not long ago was the 100 day anniversary for Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms and HIGH4 posted this handsome selca, shouldn’t IU also post a selca in commemoration?? -insert HIGH4 photo-
IU: Because that’s their song >.<

Fan: So you watched Blood Brothers! I’m going to watch on Thursday…. what’s the highlight?
IU: You’re kind of slow?

Fan: How long has it been since you woke up every morning to exercise?
IU: It’s been about a year.

Fan: What’s the most interesting book you’ve read? I don’t read much but I intend to start!
IU: 파씨의 입문 (Introduction to Fassi?)

Fan: Is there any book or movie you’d like to recommend to us? Musicals are fine too!
IU: ‘Her’ was good.

Fan: What’s your favourite musical among those you watched?
IU: Broadway 42nd

Fan: What are you listening to recently?
IU:  I like Paolo Nutini.

IU: I need to sleep.. Goodnight. Bored people let’s play again tomorrow. Goodnight.

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[FANCAFE] 140723 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 1) - 1:17 AM

Fan: Will Turn up the Volume be bora (viewable radio)??
(Note: IU will be a replacing Yoo Inna as a special DJ for 3 days.)
IU: No, Bora-ssi is busy because of her comeback..
(Note: Bora is a member of Sistar.)

Fan: Jingjjang, since you’re the radio DJ on Friday, Saturday and SUnday, will we be able to watch you DJ on Sunday too if we go down?
IU: No, I have another schedule on Sunday, so it’ll be pre-recorded ㅠㅜㅠ

Fan: In the second half of the year.. have another small scale concert..!! Lulu kekeke (Note: happy sounds)
IU: No I can’t do that. Small scale concerts need to maintain rare..

Fan: There’s rumours that you’ll be filming a drama… I want to hear from you directly how confirmed it is!!
IU: No such thing. (Note: Someone help me confirm whether that’s her way of saying 없음)

Fan: Do you not have any food photos with you right now, so you aren’t posting any? -inserts food pic-
IU: Messing with me -inserts food pic-

Fan: The weather nowadays isn’t good for eating ice flakes -sniff- Noona, which ice flakes do you like best?? I like Seolbing’s -insert pic-
IU: Sojukdoo.

Fan: Could you give us a selca?? keke
IU: Here you go -inserts selca-

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[FANCAFE] 140608 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 4) - 2:02AM

Fan: Oh unnie’s filming a new CF… Heh Go back home soon. It’s almost 12 midnight now… Tell us when you’re safely back home~ Really.. concerned somehow keke

IU: Oh honey, I’m back.

(Note: IU went to watch Younha’s concert yesterday, perhaps with Inna unnie? The concert lasted 3hrs+ with encore and all.)

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[FANCAFE] 140607 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 3)

Fan: Among the 8 days of your concert, which day was the audience response the best?
IU: Thursday of the 2nd week bbbbbbb

Fan: Give us a spoiler about the LP please.
IU: They said I really can’t give any hints.

Fan: You always invite guests to your concert for the star candies (female fans) right??keke (Note: IU mostly invites only male guests to her concerts.) It would be good to invite Suzy or Yoo Inna as well!! (But IU is the best)
IU: Alright. During the next concert, I’ll prepare well to cater to the hard tack (male fans).

Fan: Your members on the Chinese baidu site have surpassed 90,000.. Pls say something to your Chinese fans…
IU: Wow!!!!

Fan: Did you secretly give out 3 of Kwanghee’s autograped CDs? Keke
IU: Yep Kwanghee oppa is really jjang jjang right?!! keke

Fan: Why didn’t History come?
IU: That’s not true. They did come.
(Note: The fan probably means as guests, while IU meant as audience.)

Fan: Hyeju dongsaeng told me to pass on this message.
IU: Ah Hyeju dongsaeng failed to become a marshmallow~ How is she doing?

Fan: IU, please introduce your band to us. The accompaniment and arrangements were awesome.
IU: That’s right.. I was in the right state mind and never introduced them to the audience throughout my concert. The unni oppas in my band this time were really jjang!

Fan: Did you vote on 4th June??
IU: Yes, I was keeping close tabs on the situation throughout and went to vote but there were no photographers there!! keke

Fan: I’m glad that you’re playing with us on Uaena, but didn’t you say you’re going to meet Inna unnie? When are both of you meeting? Eat something delicious~ ^~^
IU: We’ve agreed to meet at about 3pm~ I’ll work hard on exercising before I go out.

Fan: Who’s your favourite guest so far?
IU: It’s hard to make a choice. They were all awesome.

Fan: I thought you were going to cry during the last day of the concertㅠㅠ Noona you should have cried!!
IU: I don’t cry!!!

Fan: Thanks for selecting my story to share (during the concert). I prepared a surprise for my mum and thanks to you, it was a success. Thank you so much ^^
IU: You’re a jjang jjang kind daughter~ I clearly remember that your mum enjoyed the surprise. I’m grateful too.

Fan: Who arranged the “Every End of the Day” accompaniment for the concert? Ni. Ga. Choahseo that part was awesome ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ (Note: You’ll find out what this part means if you went for the concert/heard the recording.)
IU: The keyboardist Suzy did the arrangement. I like it too hehe

Fan: The “hehe” that IU doesn’t use often!
IU: That’s not true hehe I hehe use it often hehe is it weird hehe?

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[FANCAFE] 140607 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 2)

Fan: I’m at the hairdressers now. Do you think I’ll be laughed at if I perm my fringe?
IU: Nope, isn’t that common? My hair is straight so I’ve never successfully permed my fringe. It becomes straight again when I wake up in the morning.

Fan (Siktaengi): Is there any nickname you would like to use on Uaena?
IU: SiktaengU Taengsikah Ahtaengsik (Note: Numerous variations of the fan’s name)
Fan: Error due to “Sik”
IU: Ah-si-k-taeng Si-k-taeng-ah then (Note: Breaking up the ‘sik’ into ‘si’ and ‘k’)

Fan: Noona, during the last day of the concert when you sang “Drama” and asked “sileoyo?” (whether you should put it on your new album), I said “sileoyo”, but I didn’t actually mean “silheoyo” (I don’t like it). Please don’t be mistaken.
IU: So it was you.
Fan: I’m sorry…

Fan: Tell dear Sunggyu to get used to the camera… Seems like he’s still not used to having his photos taken.
IU: What’s this? kekeke That looks like my expression when I was having my elementary school graduation pic taken.

Fan: Ah!!! Oh yes kekeke Was the cheesecake delicious? kekeke They said the cheese was really from New York!!!! I’ll buy more for you.
IU: Did you buy that at Hyundai Departmental Store? I saw it when I went there yesterday and went “The cheesecake that Yeji gave me!”keke

Fan: You!!! He…hello
IU: Why don’t you listen to what I say? Do you do it on and off?

Fan: I’ve been curious about this for awhile. Who composed the rap for Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms?
IU: Geeks’ Lil Boi composed it.

Fan: Are you seeing anyone recently?
IU: There are reporters among the staff here.

Fan: Unni why did you give me those weird expressions during the concert?
IU: kekeke… Omg

Fan: I took a photo of Yoo Inna as she looked really cute and pretty taking photos of youㅠㅠ May the both of you continue to have a happy relationship (heart)(heart)
Fan: -Sniff- Actually I’m not allowed to take photos of Inna-unnie right? I only took one photo!! Sorry ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ But IUinna is really pretty…
IU: That’s my unnie ke

Fan: Btw, what are you doing right now?
IU: Eating sweet potato.

Fan: I’m a reporter. Are you seeing anyone or not????
IU: ? -Inserts screencap: Are you trying to get me in trouble?-

Fan: Why are you always eating sweet potato and not eating meat??
IU: Be quiet. I’m eating meat secretly. -inserts meat photo-

Fan: With my sentiments as a fan, I felt your drumming was really cool. I think you can become a professional.
Another fan: You have no conscience + fan sentiments
Fan: That’s not true. I’m being sincere!! I saw unni working really hard.
Another fan: I don’t think so.
Fan: You left a comment at 11:11 am. You must be thinking of me (heart)
IU: You come here -inserts football tackle pic-
Another fan: Sorry…

Fan: Did you dress up like in your from.iu selca to prepare to go out??
IU: Nope. That photo was taken yesterday.

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[FANCAFE] 140607 IU replies to fans’ comments - 7:25 AM

Fan: It’s great now you’ve gone past the beggar zone (when one’s fringe is too long, it makes one look like a beggar).
IU: What are you doing awake at this hour..

Fan: Oh yes, Miss Jieun, do you know there’s a new IU room in Instiz? ^~^ (Note: Instiz is an online info site on celebs)
IU: Oh? (To myself) Congratulations!!

Fan: It’s been 6 days since your concert ended..ㅜㅜTime really flies..
IU: I want to go back to my small theatre concertttㅜㅜ

Fan: Ah..ㅠㅠ Last week during this time I was still happily going for the concert!!ㅠㅠ Agasu don’t you have concert withdrawal symptoms?
IU: Of course.. It’s so bad that every time I see my recorder, my fingers start trembling.

Fan: Do you know your nickname on Instiz is “Sung-i”? How do you find it?
IU: Sung-i? Won-sung-i (monkey)?
Fan: No, sung-i from bok-sung-ah (peach) ㅋㅋㅋ what do you think?

Fan: I’m having my exams after this long weekend ㅠㅠ
IU: I’m so bored after my concert that I feel like taking an exam…….. You know I’m lying right? All the best..

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[FANCAFE] 140530 IU replies to fans’ comments on fancafe - 1:10 AM


Fan: A word for those who couldn’t go for your small theatre concert?
IU: Why didn’t you come?!!!

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[FANCAFE] 140411 IU replies to fans’ comments - 1:09 AM

Fan: Are you dieting again now? kekeke
IU: I’m not dieting, but really going through a transformation to be healthy?


Fan: I want to see this photo hehehehe -inserts screencap of IU taking a photo of food in HK-
IU: This one -inserts photo-


Fan: The song I’m thinking of will be included right?
IU: I don’t think so.


Fan: What movie did you watch??
IU: I watched Serendipity yesterday.


Fan: What movie left you with the deepest impression recently?
IU: Blue is the Warmest Colour.


Fan: Did your physical constitution change because you’ve been eating well in recent years?
IU: It was because I haven’t been eating well.. keke


Fan: A tip for us to enjoy the small scale concert to the max???
IU: Just do what I tell you to enthusiastically.


Fan: Did you eat lots of delicious stuff recently..? Post a photo for the hungry me!! (desperate.. ㅠㅠke)
IU: Rice of course -inserts photo-

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[FANCAFE] 140325 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 2 ) - 9:46 PM


Fan: What do you mean….?? I asked you how to not be nervous… When you were a power rookie during Mia? I know you were super nervous!!!
IU: Yes, so when you’re nervous, you’re going to be nervous.


Fan: Yoon Hyunsang won’t be appearing????
IU: Hyunsangie will be out soon~~


Fan: After 2 weeks, I’m going on a school trip to Jeju Island. It’s great!! But I have no one close in my class… ㅜㅜ What should I do…
IU: Go on the trip and get closer to them then~ Don’t be impatient.


Fan: Unni, you have to perform a lot then, in return!! hehehehe^_^ (Note: Referring to IU’s begging/whining/request)
IU: Got it!! Don’t worry!


Fan: Is High4 tall? They look tall..
IU: Height isn’t important, people.


Fan: Unni, what are you doing now~~~??
IU: Lying down~ I’ll have to go out early tomorrow.


Fan: Where are you going early tomorrow???
IU: This and that. I have some simple interviews to attend!


IU: I’m going to sleep then. Goodnight everyone~ Thanks for playing with me today~~? Sleep well.



Fan: Sniff… I ate some kimbab… but there was cucumber in it so it didn’t taste very good ㅜ Kimbab with egg, carrot, radish, ham, clam meat is the best. What kind of kimbab do you like? -inserts photo-
IU: Kimchi~~~~

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[FANCAFE] 140325 IU replies to fans’ comments (Part 1) - 8:40 PM

Fan: ‘If High4 comes in 1st place on music broadcasts, IU will OO!’ Tell us your pledge~ kekeke
IU: If High4 comes in 1st place, IU will feel sorry towards History.

Fan: Who is the most good-looking in High4..?
IU: Im Youngjun!

Fan: It won’t be a digital single right? If it’s a digital single, I’ll download. If it’s a single, I’ll buy it. Got it.
IU: It’s a digital single.

Fan: What’s High4’s appeal?!
IU: Sincerity, talent, friendly.

Fan: I used that (the song lyrics) as my kakaotalk profile pic and my friend says I have 2nd year middle schooler syndrome…. hmm
IU: It hasn’t been that long since you were a 2nd year middle schooler, so it’s alright.

Fan: Is Kim Sunggu the leader of High4?
IU: Yes. That’s right.

Fan: How did you do your hair..? Goddess…
IU: I just plaited it in the simplest way possible!

Fan: But MBLAQ is making their comeback too, why do you only care about High4 and History ㅠㅠ What about Cheondong oppa??
IU: He’s already MBLAQ!! (Note: Meaning MBLAQ is already famous enough.)

Fan: What’s the reason for the title ‘Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms’?
IU: Entering a niche market.

Fan: Please take a selca with Myunghanie in future…. @_@/He’s so cute….
IU: Myunghanie is really cute..! Baek Myunghanie.

Fan: I’ve gotten do a presentation in front of all the 4th years….@_@/Give me tips on how to be steady…ah…ㅜ…ㅜ
IU: Before you go up on stage, if you’re as nervous as you can be and keep asking yourself why you’re so nervous and give your body and mind enough time to feel nervous, then you’ll be nervous.

Fan: If ‘Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms’ is the title.. is it a song about farewell?
IU: No. It’s just a song about lonely people grumbling.

Fan: Who’s the cutest among all the members? @_@
IU: Baek Myunghan!

Translated by squishy with love