[FANACCOUNT] 140323 IU Modern Times Showcase in HK

It’s been a wonderful and tiring journey these last few days haha. I didn’t shake IU’s hand or get an autograph or anything so my story might not be very exciting and I’ll just keep it short as I’m waiting for my flight back to Singapore.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I actually reached HK on Thurs night lol. Spent a day at HK Disneyland (which was awesome and expensive but the fireworks and rollercoasters were totally worth all the money we spent.)

The next day, we went to the airport to wait for IU to arrive. The flight was very much delayed and she took forever to come out. I was expecting about 50 Hong Kong fancammers(?) but there were a lot more than that. Also, it was scary the number of reporters who came. They started taking photos of all the fancammers (with flash!) which was annoying. Anyway, we knew some of the fans were waiting inside the baggage collection area for IU, but I was still surprised to see CD walk out together with IU keke.. Amidst all the camera shutters and flashes, someone beside me went “squishy!” Ohh so I was like greeting people while chasing IU, knocking into people, etc. all at the same time. People were falling down here and there so it was a bit dangerous actually. But all in all, it was still quite fun haha.


We headed to Tuen Men Trend Plaza after that for the press con/fansign and got hopelessly lost ㅜㅜ There are SO many shopping malls at the same location and there’s north and south wing and whatever omgg. Anyway by the time we arrived (1hr before it started), we couldn’t see anything at all with the crazy crowd. When it started, I couldn’t even see a single thing lol. Was just watching through others’ screens. It didnt help that I can’t really understand Cantonese omgg. Lol halfway through I turned around and saw Joyrich and KobaU lol then after they left, Peterpan somehow appeared behind me too with scary zoom lens. I didn’t bring the zoom lens, so I was just like forget it, oppa take photos on my behalf. I give up ㅠㅠ


Finally today! The day of the showcase omg. Before the showcase was just a madrush to settle tickets, fangoods, fan concert goods, official concert goods, etc. I was just wandering outside Star Hall when suddenly someone came over and asked me if I was squishy lol (I think the japanese friendship concert tee is too obvious) But it was nice to make friends with all the Weibo chinese fans and those who bought 8000hkd worth of stuff at the shopping mall to get IU’s autograph omgg. Can’t believe them. Funny how when the fansite staff went on stage to pass IU presents during the showcase I finally realised how they look like in real life LOL. All these virtual identities..

Anyway, let me just jump to the showcase proper. After they looped the showcase promo video like 5 times, the MC finally came out and started the show. IU opened the showcase with The Red Shoes (of course) and I was surprised by the fanchants from the little girls behind me. (I think the gender ratio is about 50-50). At this point, I lament that oppa removed the battery from my camera for charging and didn’t replace it, so I took 0 photos during the showcase. But I enjoyed watching the concert and doing fanchants and waving my lightstick (IU said the wave of lightsticks in the audience looked so pretty she almost forgot her lyrics lol!) It was slightly annoying that they didn’t always translate to the audience what was said in Cantonese cos the interpreter would just whisper in IU’s ear and I’m like whatttt?? tell me too!! Omgg but it was funny how the fans mostly know a bit of Korean so after that when IU asked 재미있어요? (Are you having fun?) Everyone went nehh!!! before the booming interpreter voice could translate. She was so surprised like.. “You guys understood that?? And I studied chinese/guangdong dialect so hard (for nothing)” LOL when they were doing the fan interaction activities, everyone was like saranghaeyo, IU choigoda, neomu yeppeo. Lolll IU replied with her dor jeh (thank you) and hou leng (very pretty). Haha half way through she forgot what houleng meant and she asked “what does it mean again? Congrats?” And booming interpreter voice told her it meant “very pretty”. Haha I apologise that I mainly only understood what IU was saying in Korean. No idea what the fans were saying at all, but the MC got them to sing their favourite song or tell everyone why they like IU and stuff like that before rewarding them with posters.

Yeah okay actually I saw the setlist beforehand, so I was totally surprised when IU sang 挥着翅膀的女孩 (with guitar!) haha (the organiser wanted her to sing Tian Mi Mi I think.) She forgot the lyrics halfway and the audience helped her along like when she forgot the lyrics to Uaena song hahahaha. She said she practised really hard though but the pronunciation was difficult for her. Anyways, she was apologetic about her less-than-perfect perf and promised to bring a perfect one next time.

Oh and it was super funny during encore when IU asked what we wanted to hear and the camera zoomed in on Annie and Eng and people shouting Friday!! Hahahaha she really sang a short segment for us omggggg!

Fancam: http://youtu.be/X6x0KKOgeKc

Anyway, that’s all the interesting bits I can recall right now. Here’s the order of the songs (I think).

Red Shoes (She was surprised by the fanchants and said they were comparable to in Korea!)
You and I
Between the lips (50cm)
(Fan interaction)
Like a star (Guitar)
I Can Fly (Guitar)
(Giving out posters to fans)
You know (she was surprised that we shouted Hey at the right bits)
Story only i didnt know
(Presents from official china and hk fansites)
Good day
Encore - Friday (She was surprised we even knew this song.)
Encore - Good Day (w/ 3 lvl high notes)

Alright I gotta board my flight now keke.

After an hr of hard work, lunch and another hour of hard work… 드디어~~

After an hr of hard work, lunch and another hour of hard work… 드디어~~

[Fanaccount] 120407 KMW in Bangkok by squishyblob

Note: I figured I should do something like this properly at least once in my life. Nah I’m just bored and waiting to board my plane.

Throwing my upcoming deadlines and exams aside, I decided to fly to Bangkok alone over the weekend to watch KMW (I am in so much trouble you have no idea.) My first time travelling alone, yes, but there were only so few people who truly cared for my safety over the fancams anyway. Not like my fancams are really worth watching. Uhh enough of remarks and asides, getting down to the real thing!

Getting there

It’s not my first time in Bangkok, but it might as well be! Why does everything seem so unfamiliar?! I did my research beforehand: Buy ticket (90 baht), take airport rail express from airport to Phaya Thai, switch to the subway, buy ticket (20 baht), and take from Phaya Thai to Siam, then walk to Central World by the skywalk (quite a distance, lucky i wasn’t carrying baggage). My plane was to touchdown at 12:15pm and by 2:15pm I was to meet the group at central world for the coach to take us to the venue.

Plane touched down on time. I made it out of customs by 12:45. Finally located the toilet at the end of the whole airport Then zoom zoomed the whole way and actually got to Central World by 1:40pm, so I went to buy some Mango sticky rice

We were stuck so bad in the traffic jam that we reached at 5:30pm. I heard many thai IU fans were late so they couldn’t do their contribution for video project ㅠㅠ No matter, you can still meet up with friends to film that short message for IU.

Show starts!

I missed After School and Boyfriend while queuing inside the male toilet (don’t ask).

Well actually as I entered the stadium, Boyfriend was still performing. Frankly, I was kinda stunned… It’s like we’re watching a performance at some fancy school Sports Day, with a stage surrounded by plastic chairs. But oh that’s a lot of plastic chairs! I got C3 (nearest to main stage, but a bit to the right where the stage forks out).

They weren’t very strict about checks or fancams or security… And that’s an understatement XD I spotted the guy who sold me the tickets with a giant bazooka (expect HQ photos soon. He was standing right next to the main stage cameraman throughout ^^)

I imagined a concert shrouded in darkness but it was still broad daylight when I truly sat down and watched G.Na’s stage. Hmm that sparkly black fabric looks really good for shorts. Sistar wore it too and the guys went totally gaga. But wow! Good figure is real!! This is no photoshop!

Miss A

Why is the stage so big? ㅠㅠㅠ They looked so tiny at the back of the stage though they moved to the front later, which was a bit better. But their dance moves proved tiring plus the hot weather wasn’t helping, and frequently bending down and snapping up again makes your hair look really bad + plastered to sweaty face = doubly bad!


Wha..? Nvm next.


Okay Miss A coordi unnis need to get some tips from Secret coordi unnis because somehow, their hair stayed perfectly silky and in place throughout. (Or maybe they didnt have to bend down and up so much.) I don’t know when Jieun got her new haircut, but I like it! And I used to not like Hyosung much, but she makes the dance moves look really good in rl :)


Finally, ballad! Some peaceful music hopefully, no such hope, obviously fans were gonna scream throughout the perf. This isn’t Japan, yo. Still, it was nice to just watch them stand there and sing. Seulong came on stage nearest where I was sitting, so I spotted coordi noona fixing his hair right before he went on stage keke.

Suju video

Prerecorded video was enough to make the audience scream. Suju’s fanbase is no joke. Pretty much tuned out what they were talking abt except that they introduced SHINee’s Sorry Sorry special stage.


Mblaq? Wasn’t sure but that looked like Thunder. Front centre position. Doing that hand action of sliding his hand down in front of his pants OMG. Camera zoom in OMG.

Tell Me

I love it to bits when Miss A covers WG stuff. They do it with so much more spunk! And some ggab too ^^ All this happened behind me on the small stage though ㅠㅠㅠ

Sorry Sorry

Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Only time SHINee was at the front of the stage :( But that was awesomely awesome in SHINee style (mixed in with some familiar own moves)? Key did that taking off shirt putting it back on thing too! And thank you stylist noonas!


I was totally expecting another special stage, so when IU flashed on the screen it was like What?!! I had already decided beforehand that I would save battery for just IU stages, but the moment she appeared on stage, the people around me (male and female) all raised their cameras and some stood up immediately so I was kinda surprised. Okay actually I stood up too because the guy beside me suddenly stood up LOL!! (Yes, we are the annoying people blocking the view of those of you at the back)

To sum it up, IU was like a lovely daisy ^^ All pure and dainty against the evil dark magic of the girl/boy group Kpop industry, you know. Nah she was more like the girl who walked in from the wedding ceremony next door. Looking too vulnerable for her own good but packing in a punch the moment she opened her voice :D I was glad for completely steady performance. After the You and I perf, as she was walking to the front, she said, “Hi, I’m IU. It’s my first time performing here in Thailand. Nice to meet all of you. My next song will be Good Day. I hope all of you will have a good day too.”

After watching KMW, I don’t think I’ll go for such large events again. Too flashy. I want to sit in a small theatre and watch IU perform.


I think Lee Joon’s eyes were born for eyeliner. And thunder looks good on stage ^^ chain loose belts are always a good idea with black cloaks!

Hmm everytime they do My Boy together, I cant help thinking Hyorin and Bora are the only ones doing the action properly.

Teen Top

What’s that guy doing in sunglasses? Helps him with night vision?!!

IU & Taemin

Omgggg why they put the special stage behind me? How to watch?! Taemin should stop looking at IU like that! But anyway all this fake! 훼이크! Staged! So shawols need not react violently or anything either.

But IU voice is heavenly ^^ Get those screaming fangirls away please kthxbye but at least they mostly scream during Taemin’s part. Good job! I can still hear IU’s part! ^^


Hongki’s own solo concert plus his band ^^


Which era did these doll faces and their little sister time travel from? Loll


Why did they get to sing like 4 songs? Many others had their songs cut. Usually 3 max.


Love their stylists as usual! But perfs were all far back on stage, they didnt come to the front. After Sherlock, I could here this weird blowing sound?? Then I realised they were all panting into the mic. And that was just the first song. Babies need more stamina training to tackle Sherlock -nods-

That’s what friends are for

Hongki’s voice!! I loved his take on the song, giving it that rock feel! But uhh so they stand in a circle and the platform does NOT turn? What is this?!!


They are truly sunbaes now. So steady. Some parts they tried to sing a diff version of the melody but i dont think it blended well with the song.


Another group treating it as their own concert, interacting with the camera, showing off with cartwheels, frontflips, backflips, buttdance keke anything to keep fans happy.


Of course tvxq is always last ^^ At this point, crowd control proves useless, everyone is right at the bottom of the main stage and the chairs around me have emptied out.


They all came out waving Thai or Korean flags. IU was excitedly waving hers too, but when they all came forward, I went to the front too thinking IU would be walking out, but she jus walked out halfway and went back in shyly ㅠㅠ and then I couldnt find her anymore cos your vision is so much more limited at the bottom of the stage A few of the guys joked around with IU. Thunder was beside her at first then looked like a 2pm member.

That’s all! I’m back and safe and hungry ;( but i slept a bit on the plane. Time to get back to rl!