[VIDEO] Sulli’s cover of “Peach” on To the Beautiful You

[VIDEO] SSTV ‘Sammy’s Adventures 2’ IU, “I watched Sulli’s dubbing to learn from her”

(‘Peach’ has a similar feel to ‘A Stray Puppy’. What kind of feelings or message did you want to convey through ‘Peach’?) ‘A Stray Puppy’ was a song that I spent a long time pondering over, whereas ‘Peach’ this time was a song I made with a slightly lighter heart! I wrote the song in order for fans to listen to it comfortably while doing other stuff and now that it’s spring, jealous of the couples passing by, I decided, “Let’s make a love song!” and so I composed this ticklish song that gives you goosebumps!^^

I wanted it to be such that whether a guy or a girl listens to the lyrics, they would think of the opposite gender, so I wrote the 1st verse thinking about a guy talking to a girl, a girl as pretty as a peach (used f(x)’s Sulli as a reference ^^;). While for the 2nd verse, I wrote about a girl talking to a guy as I imagined the kind of relationship I aspire towards. I didn’t expect it to receive so much attention, but I’m very very thankul to all the people who listened to it and gave your support~! Also.. I want to hurry and get into a relationship like ‘Peach’ too!

IU (Naver Music interview)