140528 MBC News - Solo singers win idols (with IU interview)

[TRANSLATION] 140402 IU’s message to Uaena - IU in Hong Kong

Hello everyone~
Da jia hao~ (hello everyone - in Mandarin)
I’m here in Hong Kong for my showcase, and fanmeeting, and actually a concert too. I’m going to sing 10 songs in all and I hope all goes well. Other than Japan, it’s my first overseas promotion. I’ve met the fans here and I’m in a really good mood. I ate a lot of delicious food and went to the night market too. I’ll work hard and put on a good show. See you!

Translated by squishy with love

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[VIDEO] IU Modern Times Showcase in Hong Kong

Tickets at 1280 HKD and 980 HKD starting from 7th Feb. www.hkticketing.com

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[TRANSLATION] 140101 MBC Winter Olympics Kim Yuna Special Documentary - IU cut

(0:08) For me, to come in 1st place on three music programs, I feel really happy, like I have everything in the world, but she’s 1st place in the whole world.  She’s able to shoulder the feelings of ecstasy, oppression and pressure, beyond the imagination of someone like me, and finally smile in front of the audience, which I think is really amazing. 

It’s really difficult to even wear the skates and skate gently on them, but she spins and really flies about. I wonder whether we were born differently. In the past, I thought it all looked rather beautiful, but now, I wonder… behind all that, how many times she fell, the bruises, and failures and practices and I think it’s really really amazing. 

When I look at Kim Yuna’s expressions and actions, instead of thinking this is really sad or that someone’s being killed, I think to myself, seems like she has died, or she changed, into an angel, into a devil, so I think it’s really amazing. 

Just from the word ‘retire’, you can sense how amazing she is. You get a sense of how majestic she is. So I don’t think it’s just sadness, I want to clap for her all the way till the end. We went to eat crabs together and it was really delicious. I keep thinking I want to have that again, it was really delicious. 

Translated by squishy with love

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