New albums that I’m excited about

IU - Can You Hear Me? (Original Japanese mini-album) - Released on 3/22

Of course you saw this coming ^^ Her previous Japanese releases were Japanese versions of ‘Good Day’ and ‘You and I’, but by successfully ensuring that she has at least one original composition on her first “real” Japanese album, IU has set the tone for not just her Korean releases, but her future Japanese releases to include more of her own compositions as well. She’s certainly ambitious but she’s got the talent to back it up and a flair for getting people to work with her to achieve her goals, not to forget she works super hard to prove people wrong (e.g. about her dance ability).

Younha - 아니야 (It’s Not that) - Released on 3/22

The actual album title is still unknown, but this song was released in advance on 3/22, along with the MV teaser and making film (below). Composed by Naul from Brown Eyed Soul, this song is quintessentially Younha, with its relaxed melody for easy listening and a kind of sadness and pain that Younha conveys so perfectly with the experience she has gone through.

Ryu Seok Won - First Moment to Breakup - Released on 3/20

Previously known as ‘Clover’ when he worked with Standing Egg, his debut single was ‘One Wave’, which I still love terribly and even my mum who happened to walk past my computer thought it was a really relaxing song. Now that he has signed with Gem Cultures, he has released his first solo EP, with all the music and lyrics composed by himself :) He plays the guitar (and ukulele) too and I really love his style so much, even though not many people know him… yet ^^

I think of IU as someone who set the foundation for female solo singers. When I was having a break from activities myself, watching IU’s activities, I became increasingly interested in the rising number of female solo singers. Honestly, during my break, perhaps because I wanted to do activities even more, I became jealous of all the other singers.(Laughs) However, I still have my domain as a senior and agreed with the advice that I should just do my best. In the past, thinking I was up against the girl groups, I dyed my hair blonde, went for a meridian massage and took great care of my appearance, but now I’ve come to realise that that’s not the image my fans want of me.
— Younha in reply to the reporter’s question on whether she sees IU as a threat in the female solo singer market

Younha covers Lonely on PKL Starry Night